4 Station, 40 Gallon BOP Control System w/Pneumatic Operated Remote Panel
  • Working Pressure: 3,000 PSI
  • Lift Frame constructed in accordance with DNV 2.7-3 standards with four-post frame, drip pan, sectioned removable roof panels and forklift pockets
  •  40 Gallon Fluid Reservoir, Inspection Ports and 15” Clean-Out Hatches
BOP Consists of:
  • (3) 1” Selector Valves, (1) Annular Selector Valve and (1) By-pass Valve
  • (1) Manifold manually operated pressure reducing regulator
  • (1) Annular Fail-safe pressure reducing regulator
  • (4) 11 Gallon Bladder Type
  • Each accumulator manifold is equipped with a dual scale 0-6,000 PSI gauge and an isolation bleed valve.
  • Air cooled diesel pump module with positive displacement triplex pump equipped with auto start and stop
  • Solar panel charger for a continuous charge
  • (1) 60:1 Ratio, 8-1/2” air pump with a hydro-pneumatic operated pressure switch to control start and stop
  • Alarm Package: Low Fluid Level, Low Rig Air, Low Accumulator Pressure

Pneumatic Operated Drillers Remote Panel Consists of:
  • (10) 3-way Spool Valves
  • Pneumatic indicators for visual indication of the BOP Open/Close functions
  • Air Receiver Gauges: Annular Pressure, Accumulator Pressure, Manifold Pressure
  • Alarm Package with visual and audible indication: Low Fluid Level, Low Rig Air and Low Accumulator Pressure
  • Equipped with (2) 150’ air hose bundle to interface the remote control panel and accumulator unit
    • (1) Remote for BOP Control functions
    • (1) for alarms and indications​